October 21, 2013

Seeing stars

Trousers Etoile Isabel Marant, Shirt Sea

Two weeks ago it was still summer in London, like 20 degrees. Crazy. So I took advantage of that by spending some time in nature. Wore a shirt with small stars from a brand called Sea and my Etoile Isabel Marant cropped jeans with stars - I adore these. Have worn them so much and I just don't want to give them up for winter.... Stressing about that. Stars this late summer / early autumn is something I have really bought into for some reason. I'm not necessarily a star person but it just so happened that the pieces I fell for were all with star prints. I am really trying to expand my wardrobe into prints, and as you noticed in the previous post, animal prints are working out well for me, and as you notice in this post, stars are on the plus side as well....

Added a few pictures I took of my surroundings as well because... Well they speak for themselves really. I lived just by Chelsea Bridge which meant I crossed the Thames daily when walking my dog, and the view NEVER stopped astounding me. I can't even count how many photos I have taken of the Thames, particularly during sunset.

October 8, 2013

What makes the outfit

Quick post as I am in extreme study mode. About a month ago I treated myself to a new autumn attire for my nails. Needed a classic red and black nailpolish and then I got one of the YSL AW13 colours, Gris Underground, to add some excitement once in a while. So far only tried the grey-ish one and am really pleased. I also got a second AW13 trend colour from Chanel as a birthday gift a few days later, so actually my nails have four colours to choose from this autumn...

I think nails are really important to your overall look and have lately really been devoting time (and a little money) to maintaining mine. Will update soon with my Chanel colour as well.

October 4, 2013

Wanting what you can't have - AW13 Shopping List

Every season I make a mental shopping list... Sometimes I even make a list. So this season I thought I would share it with you and even be so kind as to make it a visual shopping list. Now RARELY do I end up with all the things on my list in my wardrobe, but this list is more of a guideline to choose from... Of course other things slip in as well, but the things on this list are things that have been on my mind for a month or more now, so they're not impulsive buys. Of course, as you may have predicted if you know me, the majority of the items on this list are shoes. And when I look at the collage I KNOW they look really similar to each other... But for some reason my brain has decided that they are all so different and all DESPERATELY needed in my shoe wardrobe... So no, I don't want one or the other with these, I want them all. As you can see I am aiming on flats this season, I want to be comfortable.

  1. The perfect leather jacket from Acne: Mape. I think it's around £1,000.
  2. A colourful coat. Love this pink one from By Malene Birger or this adorable blue one from Carven. They range between £400-£700 and they are both perfect colours for me. 
  3. Celine ponyhair loafers in navy and black. Been wanting these since before the summer but for some reason I always choose to buy something else...?
  4. A pair of flat, black leather boots that go above the ankle so they are autumn and winter friendly. These are Alexander Wang and are around £450.
  5. The Alexander Wang Kori boots. Been on my list for about a year now... I want the heel to be in rose gold, for some reason that colour is appealing to me most... Around £400.
  6. Acne Alma in distressed suede. Just so cool and would liven up any outfit. Around £350?
  7. Isabel Marant Nowles Snow Boots. As I am moving back to Sweden, useful isn't even the right word to describe them... I suspect I will be living in them because between the comfort, heat and right level of coolness they literally are the perfect winter boots. £400 ish.
  8. Saint Laurent suede ankle boots. How perfect? The heel is great, just high enough to be considered a proper pair of heels but not high enough for them to be uncomfortable or annoying to walk in... Unfortunately these are around £600-£700 so they may need to wait until I win some kind of lottery...
  9. The cutest Marni necklace!!!! I have been wanting a Marni necklace for years and as I am trying to figure out my autumn wardrobe I drew the conclusion a statement necklace is obligatory and this one is perfect. £230.
  10. iPhone 5S in white and gold. My iPhone 4 (!!!) is falling apart and is probably the slowest phone used on this Earth today so needless to say I am in DESPERATE need of a new one. They range from £550-£800 I think...
  11. Nike Air Max Thea... I found these way too late and they are now sold out everywhere. It is slowly killing me because I would love a pair of everyday trainers to sport up some of my outfits. But I haven't quite given up yet so they will remain on this list.
  12. Velvet trousers. Don't know why but for about a month now they have just been something of interest... Saw a pair in H&M that weren't quite right but since then it's been like a definite on this list...

Actually, two of these things have already sneaked in to my wardrobe... To be revealed later. And two more are on their way... Or three more actually. One item on this list was ordered in to a store and arrived today, the other I am actively hunting down and the third is just a matter of waiting for. Snore.

As I was writing this... Two more things were added to my mental list... Or oh well, actually, three. Sometimes I can't deal with myself. There is something about that wanting what you can't have phenomenon that just gets to me, and I KNOW I can't have all of these bits but for some reason I just refuse to accept it. Oh how frustrating. Anyway, for those interested the 4 additions to my list are:

  1. A perfect everyday gold necklace. I have my eyes on either the bone necklace or the BangBang necklace from Maria Nilsdotter. £200+.
  2. A perfect everyday gold bracelet. I have my eyes on the bone bracelet from Maria Nilsdotter...
  3. Uggs. I know they don't make a fashion statement but when I am walking my dog in the 1.5 metre snow in Sweden I am more concerned about surviving....

September 28, 2013

Perfection in a size S

Needless to say this was what was in the dustbag a few posts down. How beautiful is this beauty? The colour is divine and although simple is the key word to describe it there is something about the simplicity that makes it everything but boring... It fits just the right amount of stuff and keeps you from doing what is so easily done - bringing half of your home out with you when you're going out for the day (or night). This bag is the smaller version of the Celine trio, I like the smaller version better because I think it adds something extra, but the big one is just slightly boring in my eyes... I don't know, it's one of those weird things you can't explain, you just feel....

Anyway, enough about Celine and on to new conquests - I am planning a slight shopping spree coming up and I thought I would share what's on my list so far.... Pop in tomorrow for an image-version of my shopping list, which includes a new phone - YAAAAAY!!

September 27, 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M

... And here comes the obligatory post that you knew was coming. The Isabel Marant x H&M collection imagery has finally been released, I saw it first on Wednesday. My thoughts are quite predictable, I love her designs, and have several pieces from her already, but for some reason I have a hard time seeing myself buy these bits? Not because they aren't amazing, they are, but they feel.... Old. I feel like they have been done before in her main line and in Etoile, and then I feel like I would in that case just rather buy the real deal... Which is the truth, her inspiration for this H&M collection was taken from her past collections, and the goal was to make more affordable best sellers out of what has already been done. But for me it becomes less exciting this way, especially given that I have worked with her clothes for almost two years now, so I know the collections quite well.

But either way, the styles above are my faves. The trousers in the first picture are almost identical to a pair from Etoile AW12 and the trousers in the third picture are quite similar to a pair from Etoile AW13 that you can find in store now... Other than that I love the jackets in picture 1 and 2 and I have been searching for the perfect leather trousers for a few years now... So could be some pieces of interest... Also, just have to say that I love Alek Wek modelling for this line <3. See the whole collection here

September 26, 2013

What's in the dust bag?

Hint 1: Dust bag means it's either a bag or shoes...
Hint 2: Awkward current Celine obsession...
Hint 3: That strap coming out of the dust bag...

If you still can't figure out the answer to the question in the title.... I may reveal my new buy tomorrow. Stay tuned...

When in Stockholm....

Bag - Proenza Schouler, top - Acne, skirt - H&M (old), shoes - Celine

As I mentioned earlier, a few weeks ago I attended Stockholm Fashion Week. Although I wouldn't consider myself one of the best dressed, or most uniquely dressed, out of the people you meet there, I still thought updating the blog with one or two outfits could be nice. I wore this one of the three days, and was absolutely boiling. Might I add that this was at the end of August?

I am beginning to see a pattern with the skirts uploaded on this blog.... They all have (old) next to them. Is that my way of hinting to myself that new skirts are a necessity?

Well anyway, there isn't much else to say about this outfit, I love those shoes, just love, but what else is new...? The bag has been my trusted companion for around three months now, and actually there has recently been a new addition to my handbag-collection (which so far only consists of two proper bags but oh well, you have to start somewhere)... Pop in soon to see the update on a picture....!

September 25, 2013

Celine ponyhair leopard loafers

This is old news for those of you who know me, but these babies deserve an introductory post before thrown in with a whole outfit, although they would probably make that outfit, but still. Bought them in the early spring and oh lord are they uncomfortable but I'm working on it, because the beauty is too much. Ponyhair and leather. 

Celine did another version for SS13, with a strap over the front, which turned out to be WAY more comfortable. Yes I am beating myself up just slightly over not finding those first but that doesn't mean I'm going to reject these ones....... However, I may buy in to the other version in a navy, I'm in love and having trouble falling out of it....

September 7, 2013


Yes, I definitely have a weakness for shoes... And clothes... But you can't forget those little extra things that make a difference in your daily life. I am one of those people who love to add a little something extra to my everyday life, such as a luxurious scented candle, nice hand-soap and hand-cream, or a special perfume. The photo above represents some "new ins" when it comes to my everyday routine - a Byredo scented candle and a Byredo perfume. Just having them stand on a shelf in my room makes my day a little bit better, I love the look of them. The smell, of course, is... Well, perfect. For me anyway.

September 6, 2013

Stars in silk

As promised an official outfit post with my Etoile Isabel Marant star trousers. They are just so comfortable...! I have actually worn them a lot this summer, the fact that they are silk means they make you feel cool on hot days and always... refreshed, in a way? It's hard to explain. The only problem is that I am finding the different looks I can create with them limited... Or maybe I am just not using my imagination enough....

Anyway, in this picture I wore them with an open back top and then threw on a loose sweater when the wind started blowing.... The weather in London right now is crazy hot so if it stays this way these trousers will show up here again quite soon I suspect...

September 5, 2013

Wearing my bow

Today I wore my new Maria Nilsdotter ring, a little golden bow. I love it so much because it is so cute and unique, and really adds to an outfit, more than you would think. I also love the fact that I chose a size good for my index finger, which is a finger I usually don't wear rings on, but actually kind of love wearing rings on...? It was an amazing birthday gift from my lovely friend, which makes this ring so much more perfect.

As for the iPhone featured in this photo.... Suffice it to say I am looking forward to what Apple will be announcing on the 10th September, this phone has now definitely passed its golden years.

September 2, 2013


Tshirt - Acne, skirt - Topshop (old), bag - Proenza Schouler, shoes - Chloe

As promised, here is the rest of the outfit from the previous post. Nothing too exciting but let me introduce you to something else I have been living in this summer (besides the tshirt).... These ballet flats from Chloe are the most comfortable shoes I think I have ever worn. The leather is the softest thing, and the colour is perfect for summer. And I have always loved those waves - remember the Chloe bikini with the same waves? Must have seen it first like five years ago and it is STILL on my wish-list, so tricky to find though? The sad thing about these flats is that they have stretched so much that they are far too big for me now. Ah well, probably for the best though, I have worn them so much they are practically ruined so I need to get a new pair next spring anyway. But my piece of advice - go down half a size...


Back from a vacation trip to Stockholm, which is why the posts have been non-existent. Will post more later but just wanted to introduce you to my favourite piece in my wardrobe at the moment, this T-Shirt from Acne. It's called Copy and is 100% linen and A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I am practically living in it, which I'm not liking because it means it will end up in rags soon but I just can't help it - the comfort, fit, colour and style is perfect. 

As I said, posts about my trip will come, I actually timed it perfectly as I managed to attend Stockholm Fashion Week as well. Will also post a full outfit picture....

(Oh, and the outfit I promised to post a while ago will come up as well...)

August 14, 2013

Sneak peak

Here is a sneak peak of a full outfit I will post tomorrow. The trousers are Isabel Marant Etoile SS13 and 100% silk - which makes me love them even more. Stars don't hurt either, for some reason I am very into stars right now...?

This photo was, as you can see, taken on the top floor of a London bus by my iPhone, hence not the best quality.

Wow, today I am exhausted. As a BA I do a lot of admin work in front of a computer and the brain just shuts off after a while. But in two weeks time I get a change of scenery - Stockholm Fashion Week!!

August 13, 2013

Balenciaga studded sandals

I was talking to my friend earlier this summer about how many shoes I have bought this spring. It's a crazy number which I am actually ashamed of sharing, but if you stay tuned to this blog I'm sure you will soon be able to do the maths yourself. 

Anyway, one of my pre-summer buys were these babes. How perfect? I have worn them so much this summer, especially because of the heat, they have literally been one of the pairs I have lived in. And they have everything, comfort, beauty, and that classic element which means I won't get bored. In other words, my Balenciagas and I are very happy together.

August 12, 2013


Silk trousers - Acne, leather top - H&M, lipstick - The Makeup Store "Dare"

Since I became a Buying Assistant I have had weekends off, not something I'm used to. Having time to do absolutely nothing confuses me, I don't know what to do... I did need it though, because at the moment I have some rather big decisions to make. I spent yesterday morning wearing more of an autumn-wardrobe, with black silk trousers and leather top, whilst considering my options for the autumn... As you can see, my dog was quite bored, haha.

August 11, 2013

Proenza Schouler - finally new in

A picture says 1000 words. This one says more. It's my new baby that I have been wanting for years... Not to mention my first, real designer handbag. Proenza Schouler PS11. I couldn't be happier.

Wanted to start off after months of absence with a strong one, I think this does the trick. You will get pretty bored of it as it will star in all my outfit pictures.... Apologies in advance.

March 8, 2013

My Chanels

So dead today after arriving home last night from Paris Fashion Week. So this will be a quick post. Popped out to Harvey Nichols for a quick lunch today with some friends and wore my new Chanel espadrilles. How much do I love these shoes... SO PRETTY. They may not have been to happy about the choice of day though as London generously gave us the lovely rainy weather we never get enough of.... If you know me, you can sense the sarcasm in that sentence. 

March 7, 2013

Lucas Nascimento

A designer who I really opened my eyes to whilst being here in the showroom is Lucas Nascimento... Really cool designs, cuts and playful ways of dealing with fabrics. More pictures to come in a general showroom post... Again, photo quality is mediocre due to the mediocre iPhone 4...

March 6, 2013

When in Paris....

... Shop French designer wear. Well not quite but these two pieces from Isabel Marant are definitely on my list. Been shopping a lot lately (show you when I get back to London) so I've decided on an unofficial shopping-stop for the near future... But we will see. Paris Fashion Week has been exhausting, long and busy so maybe I will treat myself... Anyway, 100% silk with little stars, around £200 each.

A day in Paris

Sorry for the bad updates, not a good start to trying again but then again maybe I didn't choose the ideal time, right before going to Paris for work for 10 days. Paris has proven to be busy with little free time. But I thought I would share what a day is like for me here, as I leave to go back to London tomorrow evening (forgive the picture quality - iPhone 4):

The walk to the showroom goes through this beautiful place, Place Des Vosges.

Pick up a freshly squeezed juice if I have time...

And eye the amazing pastries at the "Patisserie" 

At the showroom. Some really great designers show their things here, I work for Christopher Raeburn and then there is Holly Fulton, Palmer/Harding, David Koma, Michael Van Der Ham and Dominic Jones to name a few. Pictures will come at a later post.

Holly Fulton shirt. So cute.

On my way to eat something after a 10.5 hour day of work. Walk past loads of really cosy, beautiful places. We are located in Marais so it's Paris history at its best.

Find some cute shops with inspiration, such as this one with old collars.

Have dinner. I have been trying to eat as much French food as possible.

Consider some colourful Macaroons as desert...

But settle for a nutella crepe.

And head home to start it all over tomorrow again!

February 26, 2013

Let's Try Again

Almost a year later and I feel I need not only an outlet for pictures, inspiration and events but also something to invest time in. I find myself slow surfing on the internet looking for something I never find, so maybe this is a better use of my time and can hopefully give me some new motivation. If nothing else it will keep my mind off other thoughts, unwanted ones.

So a year later. Still in London. Still studying. Working as a sales coordinator for a London brand part time to help finance my shopping addiction. Well, it should be to help finance my living but so far, no luck with that. About to leave for Paris tomorrow (going to be working in the showroom during Paris Fashion Week) but when I come back I will share the recent additions to my closet with you.

Above you see a picture of a much needed vacation to South Africa, which was taken in December (although it is already needed again, only two months afterwards...). It was absolutely boiling that day so I went for a white look with my bikini underneath to quickly be able to jump in the pool after the walk. I thought it was a nice picture to start the blog off again with, simple.