September 30, 2011


Pictures from Columbine 

Wow. I die right now. How beautiful is Balenciagas S/S 2012 collection? I hope the high street stores find some way to make budget copies of these beauties... Love.


Yesterday I joined my friends and went to one of Londons famous nightclubs, Fabric. I can see why it's famous with a lot of bars and dancefloors, cool interior with lots of corners and hideouts. The DJs were really good at what they were doing, sadly they didn't play our kind of music. But if you like house or dubstep I think you would love this place. I'm more of a pop, hip hop and r&b kind of girl myself... Didn't bring my camera and therefore the quality of my pictures = zero but I snapped a picture of my friend dancing in her snakeskin printed dress from H&M. I went for simple and focused on my makeup but sadly I have no documentation...

September 29, 2011

fashion insider

Signed up for a subscription on this magazine yesterday. They also offer great opportunities to freelance for them and I am really interested in that so I am definitely going to look into it!!! 

my day

A nice park close to our school campus

A little avenue in the middle of London

My friend Lorna, a London bus and constant traffic

It is always super lively, here by Covent Garden around 18:30. Yesterday was a warm, nice summer day and the evening continued that way.

I ended the day at wagamama with my boyfriend...

... Where it was colder inside than outside...

Yesterday we had our first lecture at LCF and after that we headed off to Westfield Stratford for a fieldtrip. Didn't manage to take any pictures there but after that we went back to central London and just walked around avoiding the rush hour crowds and enjoying the nice weather, temperature and atmosphere. Here are just a few snapshots... I will be heading back to Westfield to finish an assignment sometime this week and I promise to document it then... I went for a casual look with my favourite hat, my dreamcatcher necklace, big bf knit and my most comfortable Acne shoes...

September 28, 2011

i want a big fur...

... this autumn. Today we are going to the newly opened, Europes largest, shopping mall: Westfield Stratford. Maybe I shall find what I am looking for there... Something warm and cosy in a neutral colour, black beige or brownish...

September 27, 2011

an outfit on the bed

Yesterday I left the house wearing this. I went for something simple and comfortable as I didn't know what we would end up doing. Wore a stiff gold necklace around my neck and watch and colourful bracelets on my wrist. Leather trousers and my favourite topshop heels. Didn't manage to take any pictures when we were out but I am sure more moments will soon present themselves...

September 26, 2011


... cool are these shoes??? I didn't really like the ones in the other colours but these are just amazing!!! I don't have a pair of silver shoes, but these are definitely on my wish list. And they would definitely stick out in a crowd eh? I like that sometimes, people looking at me like "what!?", that way I know that at least I'm not one in a bunch... Shoes are from amazing Acne, of course.

freshers week

Today "freshers week" begins. It's the week before actual uni starts and as far as I understand it's just a bunch of parties and activities for us to get to know each other. I don't mind that... ;-) Don't know what I am wearing yet, always a pickle, but the picture above is what I wore a few saturdays ago when we celebrated my birthday out and about in Stockholm. The skirt is a big love of mine from Lanvin x H&M and I matched it with a barebacked white top and orange-redish lips.

September 25, 2011

coloured hairtips

Pics from random places and fashiontoast

This intrigues me... I feel like I want to try it... But where do I find some funky hairdye? To be continued...

September 24, 2011


I am slowly coming down with a cold so yesterday when we headed out for dinner I wore a comfortable, simple, all-black outfit. I spiced it up with an orange-red lipstick from the Make Up Store. The rest of the outfit is Acne apart from the cardigan which is H&M. Tonight I am having a slow night in to try and cure this cold so I am going to go for junk food, TV and a bath...

September 23, 2011

new in my new bathroom

Flying means tax free and tax free means new beauty products. I was planning on shopping up my rent but ended up with only these two products. Still quite happy though. I absolutely love the deo which I have been using for a while now, and the YSL touche éclat is a classic. Today my boyfriend and I are off running errands again, and tonight we are treating ourselves to one of the local fine dining restaurants. Keep you posted...

September 22, 2011

my birthday (25th august)

I spent my birthday in Stockholm with my boyfriend. The day began with birthday cake and gifts: he got me the Northern Women in Chanel coffee-table book and the gold necklace with the black stone I am wearing from Sophie by Sophie. We then moved on to lunch at a restaurant called Sturehof where we enjoyed escargots and moules marinieres. After that we went shopping but quickly got interrupted as the movers arrived early and we had to rush home to send all of our stuff away with them. We finished off at a restaurant called Le Rouge and unfortunately I didn't catch that amazing experience on camera. So that was my birthday in a nutshell, I figured I would update you guys better late than never ;-)

Shopping before I left

Pearl collar, green scuba dress, pink-beige shirt, 
orange fuzzy sweater and white sweater

Orange-red lipstick "Dare" and nude lipstick "Dust"

Rusty and white tops with bare back

Before I left Sweden I went on one or two shopping strolls to fill up my closet with stuff from H&M (cheaper in Sweden) and Make Up Store (swedish makeup brand). A bit weird, maybe, since I moved to one of the shopping capitals in the world but I like the shopping in Stockholm so I didn't really think about it that way. This isn't all I bought (believe it or not) but some of it. All of this has already been used though so I consider it good buys.

September 21, 2011

Kingston Upon Thames

Me outside our house

A cute tapas restaurant just down the road 

The beginning of the main road in Kingston Upon Thames

I managed to knock over all the phonebooths ;-)
I'm wearing orange fuzzy sweater and leather shorts from H&M

Memorial square, Accessorize, beautiful building and church

Café square and beautiful building with next and starbucks coffee in it...

We stopped for an iced tea...

... which was delicious.

More alice in wonderland-looking details

My boyfriend and I

This is what my day looked like. We walked into central Kingston and strolled around, bought a few things, ran errands and stopped for a coffee (or ice tea in my case). It's still quite warm here in London so I can work bare legs with a warm sweater. Maybe not the prettiest or most tanned legs in the world but ah well. Can you believe what the buildings look like in this little town? They are so cute! And the stores are actually inside them! I love it.


Finally I have some kind of internet. Our actual wi-fi is going to take another two weeks but this works for now. As you may have guessed I am now in London and things are slowly starting to fall into place. Phone, internet, TV, furniture and school. It's been a hectic week and because it took this long to get internet I haven't been able to update, but expect loads of updates to come up soon. 

'Til then you can settle for this picture which was taken at a restaurant a few days before we left Stockholm. I am wearing a new shirt I kind of love, but I will take better pictures of it next time I wear it. Today we are just going out to buy some stuff for the house and run a few errands, I will try and catch as much as possible on camera to share with you guys. Cheers for now...

September 11, 2011

New in

Fuzzy plum-coloured sweater from Acne is the latest news in my closet...

September 7, 2011

before and after

So here you are, my before and after hair. I wanted my fringe back now that autumn is creeping up, I tend to go back to the fringe this time of the year. Just as I tend to go back to not having a fringe for spring and summer. I don't know which one I actually like better, but I like that I am not one of those people that are afraid to experiment with their hair. Today I went for lunch and a walk but other than that I am at home packing and preparing for the move. Tonight I am going out for dinner though, should be nice.

September 6, 2011

warrior jewelry

I haven't shared this new piece of jewelry I bought probably as far back as July. So here it is, it is a bracelet and a ring in one. I quite like the thought of it, although I haven't really figured out how to match it yet. But I think it needs to be paired with a simple, feminine outfit... Now I am off to get a haircut, before and after photo booth shots will come up later!

September 5, 2011

speaking of...

Speaking of me updating my autumn wardrobe - here are two sweaters I tried on but chose not to purchase. With regret. The silver one is completely out of my reach forever, but I still have hope for the fuzzy pink one from H&M. Will go hunting tomorrow. I'm sorry about the quality of the pictures, as I mentioned earlier my iPhone is acting camera whilst all the cables are lost with the movers...

September 4, 2011

on my mind

Navy coat from Filippa K, long navy skirt from Acne, striped skirt from Acne and cashmere camel-coloured pullover from Filippa K

Fuzzy sweaters from Acne and Whyred (courtesy of Columbine)

1. Acne Shank boots
2. Filippa K Mohair cotton pullover
3. Topshop Anika hairy boots
4. Whyred Flora sweater
5. Acne Himalaya burgundy bag
6. Topshop fluffy stitch top
7. Topshop Kingston black contrast Eva sole brogues
8. Acne Caesar boots
9. Topshop activate platform hairy boots
10. Rodebjer Halley M clutch

Well here you have what is on my mind at the moment. Spending a slow, sunny, summer-going-into-autumn Sunday at home and checking out some clothes and accessories for the new season. Although I have diligently been updating my autumn wardrobe there are a few things left on my wish list that aren't mine yet. Most of the things are not in my possession because my wallet has prevented it from happening, but some just haven't found their way yet. 

For example the Whyred Flora sweater - completely out of stock in all of Sweden, and they will not be getting a refill. 

As for the two pairs of hairy boots from Topshop, I am debating in which pair to buy. I tend to like chunkier heels but at the same time I feel like the ones with the thin heel are nicer overall. 

Now the burgundy Himalaya bag from Acne - how amazing? I feel like burgundy is definitely THE colour this autumn, and I have been looking at Mulberrys range of burgundy bags but this one from Acne is truly amazing. Maybe it can be my christmas gift to myself? I could buy it on sale... 

On another note - don't you just love the Topshop brogues, feel like they are a bit Prada s/s 2011 inspired... Don't know if they really go with my style otherwise, but I am strangely drawn to them...

So yeah, that is what is on my mind this sunday... Last sunday in sweden for a while by the way - less than a week left 'til London!! Woohoo woohoo