February 26, 2013

Let's Try Again

Almost a year later and I feel I need not only an outlet for pictures, inspiration and events but also something to invest time in. I find myself slow surfing on the internet looking for something I never find, so maybe this is a better use of my time and can hopefully give me some new motivation. If nothing else it will keep my mind off other thoughts, unwanted ones.

So a year later. Still in London. Still studying. Working as a sales coordinator for a London brand part time to help finance my shopping addiction. Well, it should be to help finance my living but so far, no luck with that. About to leave for Paris tomorrow (going to be working in the showroom during Paris Fashion Week) but when I come back I will share the recent additions to my closet with you.

Above you see a picture of a much needed vacation to South Africa, which was taken in December (although it is already needed again, only two months afterwards...). It was absolutely boiling that day so I went for a white look with my bikini underneath to quickly be able to jump in the pool after the walk. I thought it was a nice picture to start the blog off again with, simple.