September 27, 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M

... And here comes the obligatory post that you knew was coming. The Isabel Marant x H&M collection imagery has finally been released, I saw it first on Wednesday. My thoughts are quite predictable, I love her designs, and have several pieces from her already, but for some reason I have a hard time seeing myself buy these bits? Not because they aren't amazing, they are, but they feel.... Old. I feel like they have been done before in her main line and in Etoile, and then I feel like I would in that case just rather buy the real deal... Which is the truth, her inspiration for this H&M collection was taken from her past collections, and the goal was to make more affordable best sellers out of what has already been done. But for me it becomes less exciting this way, especially given that I have worked with her clothes for almost two years now, so I know the collections quite well.

But either way, the styles above are my faves. The trousers in the first picture are almost identical to a pair from Etoile AW12 and the trousers in the third picture are quite similar to a pair from Etoile AW13 that you can find in store now... Other than that I love the jackets in picture 1 and 2 and I have been searching for the perfect leather trousers for a few years now... So could be some pieces of interest... Also, just have to say that I love Alek Wek modelling for this line <3. See the whole collection here