November 23, 2010


H&M Trend coat, Carin Wester boots

Harry Potter movie was great :-) I ended up changing for the cinema because to me cinema is about relaxing so I always want to be super comfortable. Now I'm off to work at H&M, Lanvin collection is out today so we all got Lanvin <3 HM tshirts we are wearing, show you tonight.

November 22, 2010

snowy monday

Boyfriend has the day shift today which means he can't be my photographer which means that my iMacs photo booth will have to do. Today I want to wear a long sleeved, knitted crop sweater but since I don't have any of those I am settling for a crop top and a big knit cardigan on top of that. I'm matching it with carrot suit trousers and a long necklace and a leather rope belt. 

Now I'm off shopping, maybe I will find that crop sweater, heard Zara has one? I'm also going to work a little and tonight I'm meeting up my boyfriend to watch the Harry Potter movie :-) FINALLY! I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd so it's definately time for me to see that movie, almost a week after it was released!!! 

November 21, 2010


Right now all I have on my mind is shoes. All kinds of shoes. So expect several entries about all kinds of shoes up ahead. Feels like I have no shoes good for facing the winter which is not good. I want a pair of simple everyday shoes, some kind of lace up boots that really could be worn with everything. I'm inspired by Taylor Momsen and Rachel Bilson. Seriously the perfect way to dress down something that otherwise could be considered half-fancy. My favourites are the ones from Rokin. Quite simple... Or maybe I should just get the classical Dr Martens...?

I spent the weekend mostly at home because my boyfriend needed care-taking as he had severe chest pains. I'm going to have to have an active week then, to make up for the very slow weekend. Harry Potter and gym are definately on the schedule. We shall see what else pops up. But definately some shopping and loads of outfits are coming up on the blog...

November 19, 2010


pictures taken with mac photobooth

Ran off to a meeting this morning looking a little like this... I like suspenders right now. I haven't found the trousers that work with wearing them over my shoulders yet so until then I'm wearing them laid back hanging on my sides. Trousers & suspenders - H&M, top & cardigan - Gina Tricot, necklace - Marc Jacobs

November 18, 2010


my name is martina and this is my blog. it is a blog aiming to inspire me and others. and i will do my best to update it with pictures describing my days and images illustrating my thoughts.

a fashion blog it will be as that is what my mind and life mainly revolves around. as for my style i am still in search for what is truly me. i know i like a bit of a masculine touch. i know i like accessories. i know i like bohemian looks. i know i like minimalism. hence i do not have one style i stick to. but i am searching for it. exploring clothes and exploring fashion.

my days are busy. i intern at a fashion pr firm which represents several big labels. i work at the showroom with the clothes. and i work at events with the labels. when i can i also grab a shift at h&m to earn some extra money.

my free time i like to spend exploring my city. restaurants, stores, cafes, museums, attractions, parks, alleys, bars, shops. you name it. i enjoy visiting a food market as much as i enjoy visiting the acne store or walking my dog in the park. i want every day to be an experience and a memory worth remembering.