February 28, 2011


Because I wasn't home during valentines day (I was in South Africa) my boyfriend and I are celebrating it today. I think I will be wearing this top I bought yesterday from Zara, decently romantic... In the photos I am wearing a plain top underneath but I'm thinking the summer might allow me to go with nothing underneath. Here's hoping anyway ;-) I think I will match it with some tight trousers and my new shoes, unless we are going somewhere really fancy (he made the arrangements). I will try and get an outfit picture tonight that I can share with you tomorrow.

February 27, 2011

my new lovers

In my lap are my new shoes. Acne Cypress. I have been wanting a pair of everyday shoes for a long time and have been very interested in Acnes pistol boots but have tried them on countless times with the same doubt each time: they make my feet look huge! So I tried these on with just a slightly higher heel and they looked great. So here they are, in my lap. Expensive as ever but I consider it an investment.

I also bought a few other things today, I will share those things with you in another post. Now it's dinner time!

February 22, 2011


I switched last weekends sand and waves to the bush and elephants this weekend. We enjoyed the weather and the view by the pool and viewed rhinos and elephants. Unfortunately we didn't catch any cat-animals like lions or cheetahs and we also missed out on water animals like hippos and crocodiles (those are my favourites) but for a short safari it was still good. I grew up in Africa so I have had my fair share of all African wild animals but it's still always nice to go out. I am definitely an animal person so I just like looking at them and observing them. This time of year they have all had babies as well so we saw quite a few baby antilopes and a baby rhino. Africa is definitely close to my heart, and I recommend everyone to come here at least once.

my home away from home

Tomorrow I leave South Africa, the heat and the sun to face Sweden, the minus degrees and the snow. This is a sneak peak of what my home here in Pretoria looks like, where my family lives. The view is quite nice over the wall and it's always nice with a swimming pool ;-) I'm wearing my new shorts from H&M that will definitely be a favourite this summer, and a cropped top from Topshop.

When I come home I'm facing a busy month. March will consist of two trips to London, a lot of work and A LOT of school. Shall be interesting to see how I cope. Pop in later for some photos from the safari I went on this weekend.

February 17, 2011


I'm matching the green grass and yellow sun with bright blue shorts from Gina Tricot and a red-ish tshirt from Acne. I would have loved to add some accessories to this look but where I was going odds are necklaces get ripped from your neck so I settled for a backslick look with my hair. I'm giving my skin a break whilst here which means no makeup, quite like it atm! 

I love the fashion for this summer with loads of colours, but my closet is a little empty when it comes to colours, so this is more or less all I've got. But it's only february still, I'm sure some more pieces will come my way :-)

February 16, 2011

summer mode

Topshop shoes

Good morning! As it is boiling hot here in SA my mind automatically enters summer mode and therefore blogging about warm sweaters doesn't feel like an option. These shoes, however, definitely do the trick. From topshop, I think they cost £65, and beautiful. I'm thinking a really feminine dress or torn jeans shorts...

February 15, 2011

some more durban

I know I promised an outfit post but I found some more photos from Durban I thought would be nice to share with you. Here are photos from the pool at our hotel, the beach and a nice lunch restaurant we visited. Not very inspiring fashion wise but I think the backdrops and atmosphere do their part so well they deserve to be posted. It is amazing here, hot and sunny.

Last summer I found the perfect black bikini-top, but as you can see it's missing a bottom. So I'm mixing and matching with my other bottoms but honestly I'm not really the kind of girl who likes that. I like a bikini set, both top and bottom the same. But it appears that in this situation I like my bikini top more. However, I am definitely searching for a bottom to my top.


Most of my days simply consist of lying by the pool enjoying the heat and sun so I don't have too much to show you. But this weekend was spent in Durban and the two first photos are of the view from our hotel room, amazing eh?

Also thought I would mention that as I am gradually developing a tan (not too visible yet though, I'm afraid) my hair is also getting blonder. That is what I love about the summer, my hair actually has a decent colour. In the winter I feel like the hair is gloomier than the weather so I much enjoy when it takes a turn into a lighter shade.

I have painted my nails turquoise, a colour I sported most of last summer. I am beginning to think I'm sick of it though, and I am presently looking for a pastel yellow, I think it might go well with a tan. I will update soon again, an outfit post, although I don't know how inspiring it might be ;-)

February 14, 2011

southern africa

Spending my days in South Africa so naturally updating the blog is not my first priority - the sun is! But I will try to post some pictures tomorrow. Happy valentines day <3

February 3, 2011

busy bee

Rodebjer A/W 2011

Fashion week was amazing. My first time attending and I was not disappointed!!! I loved Rodebjer, the strong colours we will see in the spring/summer seem to be holding on to the spotlight for autumn, yay! Another favourite was Tigers show, tougher and rougher than usual, and I like that roughness, especially for Tiger who usually brings a proper look. 

Fashion week was hectic and these next few days will be too, summarizing all the shows and having folders with pictures available for future inspiration and references. As for my pictures, as I have told you before my camera is a joke and the quality is just sad so I can't contribute with much I'm afraid...