March 31, 2011

London calling

I had mintgreen nails and my marc jacobs rings...

 I wore an Acne tshirt...

 Thomas Sabo necklace...

Acne shoes and H&M trousers

 A cool store with playful shoes on Carnaby Street...

 These heels are great!

Met a nice Irish girl with an amazing skirt from Topshop...

My boyfriend... And the Shakespeares Head pub with a cool clay dude looking out from a window above....!

The only thing I bought myself on the trip - this ring from Topshop...

So this is what I looked like on the second day in London. It was really warm and although we had our coats with us we strolled around not wearing them. Some people were wearing shorts and bare legs even. I went to London for an interview with Central Saint Martins London Fashion College and it went well, I will find out this week or next whether I get in. We ate some good food and had some nice times and I am already hoping to go back soon. London is such a cool city with so much to explore, it's amazing! 

As for now -  I am back home in Stockholm and studying, two more exams await next week. The weather is getting better and better and my cravings for spring clothes stronger and stronger. Ah well, I guess that's life as a student eh?

March 29, 2011

Day one

We were in London for two days. The first day we only managed to get out in the evening, after traveling and leaving our light packed suitcases at the hotel. We went to a restaurant called The Criterion which served fine dining food, very good. It was located right by Picadilly Circus so that's where we ended up taking a few photos. At this point I was very tired and I may look a little rough but at least you get an idea of what I was wearing; transparent top and necklace from H&M and shoes from Acne.

Tomorrow I am working all day but will post photos from the second day in the evening so stay tuned...

March 28, 2011

my saturday

Back from London and deep in study mode as my exam is tomorrow. My saturday was spent traveling from Englands capital to Swedens capital and this is what it looked like at the airport: Starbucks blended fruit juice, sunglasses and a gift from Mulberry from my boyfriend. What is it? I will show you later. Wish me luck on my exam, I will update and post London photos tomorrow! Xoxo

March 23, 2011


I have been sick since sunday so the blog has suffered, but can't stress enough that it is called no promises for a reason. Still sick but a trip to London is booked and I fly out tomorrow. I have packed my outfits and my camera. My boyfriend is meeting me there so hopefully I can provide one or two interesting London blog posts when I get back! Which, by the way, is on saturday so until then the blog will be quiet... 

My budget is sadly minimal so I am not going on any major shopping sprees but obviously I will be visiting favourite budget stores like River Island, Aldo and Topshop whilst I'm there. Speaking of Topshop, I was surfing around on their website and found all of these nice jewelry pieces. Maybe something will get to come home with me, love the silver bracelet cuff, I would buy two and wear one on each arm. Also love the bright red necklace, would match it with more colour!!

So wish me a safe flight and I will update when I'm back (and hopefully not sick any more!!!).

March 17, 2011


Studying and books are piling up much like this photograph so I don't think I will have time to play with my camera until this weekend, if I'm lucky. Exams are beginning of april so after that I am going to have much more time for the blog, and looking forward to it! Xoxo

March 15, 2011


Today I went for a look with a hat... It felt right and I really liked it. With my hat I wore my shoes from Acne (that need cleaning after today) and some silver bracelets and some rings. It was yet another sunny day but don't let the sun fool you because the temperature is still lingering at 0°C... So yes - I wore a jacket on top and on some of the photos you can see me wearing my Acne cardigan as well. 

Studying didn't go so well, I got maybe an hours worth of studying done... Really need to put my head into it as exams are coming up. But whilst that is going on I am applying for jobs, preparing for my visit to London in a weeks time and wanting to learn more about my cameras features and playing around with photoshop... Speaking of my camera, I have made this post expandable if you would like to see some of the photos I took on my walk with my dog in the park today. Just click below! Next up is bed for me, tomorrow I have school and yoga on the schedule!


Here is a preview of what I am wearing today. So far today I have only had time for a long walk with my dog whilst exploring all the features of my new camera, so now I really need to spend an hour or two studying. But pop in later for more pictures and a complete outfit post!

March 12, 2011


Pictures: unknown

I received my new camera yesterday so at the moment I am looking at inspiration pictures and looking forward to learning all the functions of my new camera. Sadly I haven't had time to start test-using it yet but I'm hoping I can put off an hour tomorrow learning it's functions and then bring it with me for my daily walk. 

At the moment my inspiration lies in capturing details and creating beauty in black and white. Playing with shades and focusing on different textures and materials. Other than that I am dreaming away to warmer days where I can have beachy, half curly hair and bare legs.

March 10, 2011


At the moment I am so into colour, it will definitely be my thing this summer. On top of that I love how designers this summer have mixed colours in a kind of block way. Above are shoes from Fendi, runway photos from Jil Sander and bags from Celine. Today I'm working and then I have a movie date with my boyfriend.

March 9, 2011

Thomas Sabo

My pictures keep presenting blue skies which means that the weather here is still nice. Today, however, strong winds joined me and my dog for our walk, which is NOT something I like. I wore carrot-shaped trousers with suspenders and a knitted oversized sweater. And my new necklace, which I have been wearing a lot lately, yet today was the first day it got caught on a picture. It is from Thomas Sabo and a valentines day gift from my boyfriend. I love long necklaces with some kind of pendant so he definitely did a good job. 

There have been loads of outfit posts lately, for no apparent reason, maybe the weather has contributed, maybe I am just in an outfitpost mood all the time, maybe it's my new thing or maybe I'm preparing for my new camera that should be arriving beginning of next week. Tomorrow I think I will be sporting a hat so I will try and get my boyfriend to catch that on a photo for you!

March 8, 2011

spring and leather

Today was another lovely (might I say spring?) day. The sun was really warm and I think my computer said it was 6° C warm :-D I was wearing my leather tshirt from H&M that has been shoved away in a corner of my closet all winter and I matched it with a simple stiff silver bracelet. Didn't want to wear too many accessories, although I usually like to do that, because the leather tshirt is a statement in itself. 

I went for an almost two hour long walk with the dog and studied a little. It was a good day. Now I'm off to meet some friends for dinner - and I'm late -  so I'd better hurry!

March 7, 2011

black brown

So today I almost identically copied the inspiration picture I posted yesterday. I went for two belts and added a big leather bracelet, all from H&M. A long black skirt, black sweater and simple makeup... It's still cold up here so under the skirt I wore stockings but really, I can't wait for spring now. On another note, waiting with anticipation for my camera, seriously so excited!!! :-)

Vera Wang

When I get married, I am most definitely aiming on a Vera Wang wedding dress - I know, high maintenance isn't the word ;-) But her wedding dresses aren't the only thing I love, her a/w 2011 collection is definitely not shameful, more than anything I like the styling. I like the knee-lengthed skirts and the shoes. Very inspiring. Did you know that Vera Wang worked as a fashion editor at Vogue for 16 years when she began designing stylish wedding gowns?

March 6, 2011

finally feathers

A while back I posted a post about a leather necklace with feathers and a week back I found the perfect one. It was on one of the mannequins in H&M but completely sold out in the store. Lucky for me I work there and managed to eventually, when they changed clothes on the mannequins, buy the one that was on her. I am so so happy and am planning to go totally Pocahontas this summer when I match it with brown suede, torn jeans and vests... 

Pictures are taken whilst walking my dog so I go snow proof and warm with my moonboots. Otherwise I may not have matched the outfit with them... Today was a wonderful pre-spring day and you could really feel the sun melting the snow, when I took the pictures in my tshirt I wasn't even cold! Oh spring, please be on your way!!!

The wait is over

After posting the previous post I decided that it's time to stop waiting (don't even know what I was waiting for) and just do it. Just buy a proper camera. I have been wanting one for I don't even know how long but I just never got to buying it, I mean it is a pretty expensive piece of technology. But today I ordered it online, it was out of stock so it may take a week or two before I get it but at least I know it's coming. Can't wait! It is going to be so great to be able to take proper pictures, and to share them with you as well... I ordered a Nikon D3100 after a recommendation from a newfound friend I met in London, Ajda. She is a photographer herself and she said to start with this is a good camera because you can learn how to use it and the different functions quite easily.

By the way, I managed to snap a few photos with my old, bad camera of one of my new necklaces earlier, will share that with you later tonight!


Yesterday I came back from London where I spent two nights, so haven't managed to blog. London was lovely, the sun was shining and there was no snow ruining my heels on the streets. Stayed at a great hotel and ate some nice food. Didn't shop anything as I had no time (or money) but I did have a look in Alexander McQueens store and a store called Dover Street Market: it had all kinds of designers from Christopher Kane to Celine to Commes des Garcons. It was huge and it was so great to see their collections live. I love Celine. So that has been my last couple of days and I will be going back at the end of the month, dragging my boyfriend with me so hopefully there will be an outfit post or two!

Today I'm inspired by this photo. First of all because I really, REALLY want and need a proper camera, definitely something I will be looking into as soon as I have a free second. Secondly because I love the two belts. The colour is perfect and the outfit as a whole just completely works for me. Maybe I will try something similar tomorrow. Should invest in two identical belts. I love when people wear double. A while back I saw a streetstlyle photo of someone wearing like three watches on one wrist, I LOVED IT. Can't find the photo now though :-( I hate when you find pictures you like but then don't save them for some unclear reason and then you can't stop thinking about it. Must invest in several watches ;-)

Today will be studying and a walk in the park, mostly. Will see if I can catch an outfit photo or two but I'm not meeting up with anyone today and the boyfriend is out so it might be difficult, but I will try. Want to show you my two new necklaces!!!