January 29, 2011


The sun is shining so today I'm going for the movie star look with heels, big bag, leather jacket and sunglasses.  

The reason you don't see a lot of outfit pictures of me is because I don't have a good camera. These are taken with photo booth but since my bedroom isn't that big I can't take full body photos and therefore can't capture full outfits. I will invest in a camera. I will. Just don't know which one or when yet. Bare with me...

January 28, 2011


Spending friday evening at home and preparing for a night out tomorrow so I find myself shopping online... Topshop have these two beauties atm and I am tempted... Love the rusty, terracotta colour and these shorts seem perfect but I do have another pair I have been eyeing that may even beat these. As for the top, what can I say? Love fringey adornment.... 

the coat

I have been looking for a great fur coat for a while, and although this one may not be a classic there is something about it that enchants me... I love it. Ah well, the search continues...


In less than 2 weeks time I'm off to South Africa so whilst everyone else are raiding the stores to keep warm I am looking for dresses, tops and shorts to keep me cool. I love the fact that I get a head start on the summer and all the trends. I would love a lace dress similar to this one sported by Frida Gustavsson but I think I would prefer regular shoulders. Other things on my list are bright coloured tops, bohemian influenced accessories and an Afghan dress. My friend showed me this one the other day and it describes what I am looking for in a nutshell:

January 27, 2011

Fashion week

Ida Sjöstedt A/W 2011
Pic: Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week

Next week isn't just any regular week in the fashion world here in Sweden, it's Stockholm Fashion Week. I won't be attending all the shows so I have adapted my schedule to the ones I am most interested to see. Amongst others you will find me in the crowd of Ida Sjöstedt, Filippa K, Whyred, Carin Wester, Rodebjer, Dagmar, The Local Firm, Karin Malm (really looking forward to this one), Camilla Norrback, Hope and Tiger of Sweden. I wish I had time to go to all the shows, I can imagine I will be missing out on a lot but I have tried to squeeze as many as I could in, in between my school and some freelance styling I'm doing at the moment.

Icon: Yves Saint Laurent

YSL Palais Mohawk Pumps

He was only 21 when he unveiled his first collection as head designer for Christian Dior in 1958. He knew that Le Smoking - a tuxedo with a nip here, a tuck there, and a lean, body-skimming silhouette - could make a woman look jaw-droppingly sexy. His innovations were all over the map, he introduced trends like the trapeze dress, safari look and thigh-high boots to the fashion world.

me want

I have until now been quite disappointed in the glimpses I have seen from Acnes S/S 2011 shoe collection, I'm usually obsessed with their shoe-wonders. And here I am again. After seeing a couple of pairs and frowning Sofi posted these and they look amazing here and amazing on feet. So now I have my summer 2011 craving. And damn it -  this time I will buy what I want...

January 16, 2011

Quote of the day

"Style is primarily a matter of instinct"
- Bill Blass, 1922-2002, DESIGNER

my internship

I have after 6 weeks and a lot of learning decided to part ways with my internship. As some of you know I have been interning at a PR-firm that represents designers such as United Colours of Benetton, cK jewelry, and sunglasses from all major designers (YSL, Gucci, Armani, Dior to name a few). It has been a great learning experience and although as an intern you get all the shit jobs I am glad I did it but it is now time for me to move on.

This spring I will be studying and focusing on the blog and maybe do some freelance styling. I hope it will be good and as of now I leave the internship behind me. But before I do I thought I would share a couple of pictures:

Ulrika Sandström spring collection. She is definitely a talented designer.

Normal day at work...

A spring piece from Jofama: off-white leather jacket. If you read swedish magazines I can promise you will see this one a lot, it is only back in the showroom for an hour before someone borrows it again. Price tag is not kind though, around 300 euros.

I have been drooling over these shoes from Vagabond every day. Also a popular piece that gets borrowed a lot. 90 euros and these beauties are totally worth it... 

January 13, 2011

elle gala

Tomorrow the swedish Elle gala takes place and my outfit is ready to have a great night. However, I would have loved to wear something asymmetrical like this skirt from Karin Malm, who by the way is a great designer who used to study at Central Saint Martins fashion school in London, which coincidently is the school I'm hoping to get into next autumn :-) Looking forward to the gala though, see you there?

looking back...

Dior vs. Louis Vuitton. Then vs. now.

Today my calendar wrote about the New Look by Christian Dior in 1947. A classic and quite frankly a change in fashion history. Marc Jacobs evidently agrees as he brought it back for the autumn/winter 2010 collection for both his own line and Louis Vuittons. I love it and I really love the new length skirt. Still looking for the perfect option though...

January 12, 2011


Went home for lunch but now I am soon off to work again. Thought I would share the background of my ipod with you, inspirational eh? Found it saved on my computer so I don't have a source but don't you just love it?

January 11, 2011


Todays fashion icon is Grace Kelly for her absolute grace and beauty. She introduced classics like the shirt-dress and evening gowns like no-one else could and will always be an inspiration in both her style off-screen and on-screen (in films like Rear Window and How to Catch a Thief).


Picture borrowed from fashiontoast

I have been thinking a lot about the summer. Might be because I am sick of winter, might be because the spring/summer collections are launching or it might be because I get a sneak start in february when I go to South Africa. 

Either way one thing I definitely will be sporting is the native-american/bohemian look. I have always loved it but never quite found the accessories to pull it off myself. Like this necklace. So simple: leather, beads and feathers. Still so hard to find.

January 10, 2011


Rings from YSL, Maria Nilsdotter, Bjorg, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth and James

For christmas I got a ring from my boyfriend from Calvin Klein. A big gold ring. I like it. Lately I have been realizing that I want to focus more on basics and accessories this year rather than trends. At least for now (dull winter months). So it has caused me to crave more rings... Here are some that are way out of my wallets league but dreaming never hurts!

New year

2011... Since I last wrote on the blog I have been to London, done christmas shopping, celebrated christmas and welcomed the new year. As the blog title reads this blog makes no promises, I mainly write it as an inspiration to myself and to keep my inspiration going. This does not mean, however, that I don't enjoy my readers and of course I wish to convey inspiration to you too.

For christmas I got a fashion calendar, which every day reads a fashion fact, quote or memory. I thought I could share these with you since it is always fun to learn. I used to study fashion studies and whilst studying that I learnt that learning about fashion is just as fun as wearing it so I hope you will enjoy my posts that come from my calendar :-) 

First up, did you know that during the second world war women used eyebrow pencils to dram seam-lines up the back of their legs to create an illusion of stockings? They also used teabags to darken their legs to make it look more like they were wearing stockings. Nylon during World War II was used to create parachutes so only the wealthiest women could afford real stockings.