March 29, 2012

I'm back from Egypt! More about that later - now for some news!! I will be blogging for a swedish shopping mall called Gallerian. I will still keep this blog for more private posts about my day, outfits and inspiration, but I will simultaneously be blogging at, posting street style photos, London tips and snapshots. Above you can see some of the details from looks already posted, for more - pop in at and find me under "modeblogg" and then "London - Martina Persson".... Woop woop!

March 19, 2012


Gosh I though I would have a few minutes left over to blog some new material but I have just been so busy these past few days with exams, work and then family coming to visit <3 . And early tomorrow morning I am off to Egypt!!! I am hoping to be able to blog from there and keep you as jealous as I can with daily posts but I don't at all know what the internet facilities will be like so no promises!!! Until then, here's a picture from this summer when I was in Portugal...

March 12, 2012


B for busy, which is what I have been because it is exam and deadline season. However, my last exam is tomorrow and my essay is all handed in and although I have family coming to visit and a lot of things planned in for the next two weeks, I am hoping you will see a few more posts, but no promises... 

B is also for Balenciaga who in my eyes literally never fail... I mean look. Die.

March 5, 2012

nothing special but oh so nice

I'm quite good at buying Acne shoes that represent seasonal collections, so until now I actually haven't possessed any of the classic styles they have. I do have the Cypress boots, but the first style, which is different from this current continuous one. I also have the Rider boots, but in a colour that was seasonal, as opposed to continuous. But now, I have the most classic continuous Acne boots of them all. The Pistols. And its about time. So far, the pistols and I are very happy together.

March 4, 2012

what is in the brown box in the pink bag

Spent the weekend working and studying, exams coming up soon so I'm extra busy... But new in on the shoe shelf are some shoes from Acne... Pop in tomorrow for more info...