August 28, 2011

the day before my birthday (24th august)

The outfit to the previous detail post got slightly delayed due to a birthday, the movers coming and packing all our stuff up for London and other happenings in between. But here is the whole outfit. I matched really casual shorts with a silk-immitation shirt and a stiff gold necklace around my neck. As I wrote earlier I wanted to break the whole thing off with coloured socks and the only colour I had were these minty ones. I quite like it though. I did invest in some others on my little shopping spree, a pair of mustardy yellow and a pair of rust orange ones are my new favourites...

August 24, 2011

todays details

Today I went for quite a preppy look but I wanted to break it off with some unexpected color. The only socks I had with a funky color were this minty green ones so today I will have to go and invest in some other colors. I know H&M has a rusty pair and a mustardy yellow set of socks as well. Hopefully they aren't all finished though. Outfit post will come up later today I hope. Xoxo

August 20, 2011


Stuck in a bit of a rut clothe-wise since I am spending most of my time at home packing and preparing for the move to London. Although I do have quite a few new things in my closet - they just haven't gotten to come out and play yet... But here is some inspiration meanwhile. I would kill for the boots in the last picture, BCBG Max Azria if I remember correctly... Maybe something I should look into on ebay? The middle picture is a clutch by Rodebjer that is from the a/w 2011 collection (which btw I love...) and costs 1599 SEK... Might actually be one of my a/w investments. Really want to do more colour this season... Top picture is taken from a blog I read once in a while called 365 Days... Just hate myself for missing that hat from Topshop... It is absolutely amazing... Maybe ebay as well?

August 19, 2011

the watch

So here is my first ever classical watch. I bought it maybe two weeks ago and I am so happy to finally have a casual everyday watch. I used to have a small gold one that looked more like a bracelet, but I lost it, and I have another watch but it's a bit more evening-wear with bling etc. But back to this watch: simple silver from Calvin Klein, I match it with thin bracelets in colour. So now you know what you can expect in future outfit posts!!

August 15, 2011

4 days later

A part of my shoe collection...

African, hand-painted martini glasses

A porcelain shoe as a piggy bank - bought on one of my visits to London

My african corner with things from South Africa and Kenya

Turns out I didn't have time to update on thursday after I got back home, and friday we left to visit my relatives for the weekend up north, but now I'm back! Here are a few photos of my apartment in Stockholm, and these are the few things that also will be coming with me to London (together with my lovely iMac and a huge TV). My apartment here has been quite simple and really there isn't a lot to show but I have become more and more interested in interior design so hopefully the London one will be more exciting... Pop in soon for a new post.

August 11, 2011

silk and leather

With my Acne Shank boots I wrote about in the previous post I am wearing a new 100% silk shirt and my dream catcher necklace. Nothing special but I kind of wanted the focus to be on the boots. Soon I am going to a museum called Fotografiska to see the exhibition "Nordic Women in Chanel" - super excited! Then I'm off to dinner but I might update tonight when I get home and show you some snapshots from my apartment since we are soon going to start packing for the London move...!


My beloved shanks from Acne have now for autumn been released in two new styles, an awesome black and nude colour and black with a wooden heel. I absolutely adore the ones I have, I love the colour and the fact that the heel isn't crazy high, and I love the material and did I mention the colour? But I mean these two new pairs are so awesome, would it be weird if I had all three of them? LOVE.

August 10, 2011


I went for simple on saturday with a bit more makeup than I usually sport. The top I am wearing actually has the nicest open back but of course I forgot to take a picture of that... 

Today I just have a driving lesson planned but I have so many things on my to-do list that I am sure my day will pass too quickly anyway. Went to IKEA the other day to buy some new things for my apartment that we will be renting out, might show you that later. Also have a bunch of new clothes and jewelry I want to show you as well as a load of snapshots taken with my phone that could be fun to share... So posts are bound to come up in the near future!

August 9, 2011

a few nights ago

A few nights ago I was at a restaurant with my boyfriend and at the next table sat none other than Elin Kling and Frida Fahrman. I am a huge fan of both of their blogs so I took the courage to go up and ask for a picture with them and here I am now sharing the result of that. Gotta love that it's not just a classic smiley picture, I have far too many of those. We were having dinner at an amazing seafood restaurant called Pontus! and tomorrow I will post some outfit pictures.

MacBook Air

My new love is a MacBook Air. It is the perfect complement to my stationary iMac that I have here at home. I had a hard time choosing whether to get an iPad, MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro but after a lot of buts and ifs I settled for the air because I wanted something light that won't be heavy to carry around during my days in London whilst I still wanted a good notebook, which the iPad isn't really, according to the Apple-guys. So here it is, my light, amazing new Apple. And it is running Lion rather than Snow Leopard, and I LOVE Lion (the new operating system).

Today is a rainy day and the only thing on my schedule is a driving lesson and loads of studying for my driving test. My nerves are definitely getting the best of me these days :-(

August 8, 2011

25th of august on the 3rd

I'm back! And I have lots to share as well... Starting with this outfit which I wore on the 3rd of august when I celebrated my birthday at a nice restaurant with my family. Since they live in South Africa they will not be around on the 25th of august, when my actual birthday takes place, so we had a little dinner on the 3rd. 

I wore what I had been wearing the whole day which includes these "Rider" shoes from Acne that are so comfortable you want to sleep in them. I love how the back part is way lighter than the front. I also wore my atm favourite necklace - a dreamcatcher from H&M. 

The pictures were a bit stressed but the view behind is the view from the restaurant StallmÀstaregÄrden in Stockholm and the three course dinner was delicious. Pop in soon and I shall introduce you to my new best friend and early birthday present - I'm in love...!

August 2, 2011


Yesterday I walked around wearing these suede shorts I bought just a few days ago. The original price was 800 kr. but they were on sale and with my staff discount they were only 150 kr. I love suede and a pair of shorts in suede is nothing I am unhappy about. They are one size too big but once I move to London I will find a taylor that can fix that for me (I suspect taylor prices are way better there than here).... I matched it with my pocahontas necklace, belt and black top...

I have had a lot going on both at home and at work lately so the absence of blogging has been slightly inevitable but this is my last week of full time work and I have so many new pieces in my closet that posts will be coming up more frequently... Now I am off for a dog walk <3