April 27, 2011

the dress

This is the dress I bought a while back. I totally forgot to share it with you guys so here goes. It's from H&M and I totally adore it. Can't wait for the summer so I can wear it. It's one of those dresses that you can wear to any occasion. Day or night, beach or city. Here I am matching it with a H&M necklace worn as a headband and topshop fringe shoes. I love those shoes.

This week I have been stressed out of my mind because I am falling behind in school and I have had so much on my to do list. Taken care of most things on that list, doing the rest tomorrow. But on top of all that I have been trying to work as much as possible to earn some extra money for the summer. So I have really had a tight schedule and it will look this way the rest of the week. No time left over for anything. But I am quite full of inspiration at the moment so I am sure I will post one or two inspiration posts. 'Til then my friends!

April 24, 2011

thursday climbing trees

Thursday we woke up to a summer heat again and spent the day in the sun and by the beach throwing balls into the water for my dog ChloƩ to fetch. I wore my dress during the day because it was hot but towards the evening we were heading back into town and I wore my probably favourite trousers, three necklaces, an Acne tshirt and a leather vest. We played around a bit climbing trees and then we took a taxi boat back to the main land. It was an amazing mini-trip and I can't wait to do it again soon.

Yesterday we had a dinner picnic watching the sunset in the park and today I worked a shift at H&M. I managed to purchase a few things which I will probably show you in the coming week. Happy easter everybody!

April 22, 2011

summer place by the sea

My boyfriend and I are both working this easter weekend so as I mentioned in a previous post we went to my summer place to celebrate easter early on wednesday. The temperature was amazing and the world got a glimpse of my pale bare legs, first time in Sweden this year. I wore a simple black dress from Topshop and boots from Rokin, a swedish shoes brand. Stay tuned for more pictures.

April 18, 2011

finally open shoes

The temperature is rising quickly, and just a few days ago I was wearing this, with socks and open shoes. Today I would have been able to wear this without socks. Really looking forward to the summer. These are probably my favourite shoes, or at least definitely top three. They are from topshop and a lovely faded pink-ish colour. The rest is pretty regular, I am wearing african jewelry and I am located on top of a hill in a park with a great view. 

Tomorrow I think I will post a picture or two of my new dress, also a summer piece. Then I am off to my summer place for a night with my boyfriend but I am hoping to get a few photos out there to share with you on thursday or friday. Now - bed.

April 15, 2011

my new shorts

The title says it all. These are my new shorts from H&M. I love them. Now I just need someone to provide me with a temperature and weather that allows me to wear them beyond the walls of my apartment.

April 14, 2011


Monday night I went out with a couple of friends to a cocktail bar called Vampire Lounge. The cocktails were really great and the place is cool. Before we went there we were at one of my friends house drinking some red wine, which explains the colour of my lips. 

I decided to go for a casual look with denim. The shirt is my boyfriends and I spiced it up with a bracelet around one of the sleeves. I wore my Acne Box shoes that finally get to come out again now that the snow is gone, although the picture doesn't really capture the beauty of them. 

Now I am going to have a calm evening with my boyfriend, finally! He has been working a lot lately... This weekend I am spending working at H&M, so I don't know how much I will update, just a heads up.

why the break

I NEED shoes that work with socks in them, and socks to wear with open shoes.

I'm sick :-( Really really sick. That's why I haven't been updating, just honestly haven't had any energy. But I still have two white summer clothes pieces that I bought recently to show you and I have some other pictures too so I will try and go through those later and post something. Meanwhile, sorry about the time out on the blog.

April 11, 2011


Pictures: Style.com and Elle magazine

How amazing is this tunic by Emilio Pucci? I would LOVE to have it in my wardrobe and I would wear it always. Especially to the beach. 

I got inspired by the amazing sketch I found in Elle magazine pictured above to sketch a little, so this afternoon I have been fighting an incoming cold with hot drinks and some sketching. I can't claim being good at it, but I think I am learning more, slowly. Earlier today I went to the park with my dog and just enjoyed the temperature reading a magazine whilst she (the dog) ran around doing her own business. It was nice. 

I have a few new things in my closet that I want to share with you, will post later on or tomorrow and show you! 

April 9, 2011

must. go. shopping.

Clothes and accessories from Zara, Topshop, Acne and H&M

I am usually quite good at holding on to my money since I am a poor student and don't really have enough money to go on major shopping sprees but the last week or so I have seriously been having trouble. There is just so much I want mixed with the stores being stocked with so much nice stuff that I'm almost bursting. I have been imaginary shopping on the internet, surfing the different sites and saving everything I would like on my computer, and yesterday I made this collage with random cravings. And although I have been good at holding onto my money, today I think I might have a relapse and go out and spend money I don't have on a few new things for my wardrobe. Red warning-light blinking...

My favourites in this collage are the colourful trousers and shorts, the Celine look-alike shoes, and the shorts with the fringes. But I also love all the Acne shoes. And I really need an everyday blouse/shirt that goes with everything. And some new tops. And a pair of black trousers. And I would really like a pair of white trousers, I would match them with white. And I definitely need some new belts. And I love the flower pattern on the shorts and trousers. And I need a black sleeveless top. OK basically I am bursting with shopping desire... Haha.

April 7, 2011


This is what my table looked like after I emptied my pockets and took of my accessories the other day. Today I think it will look a little different - try no sunglasses :-( I will try and convince my boyfriend to take some pictures of my outfit later, but he is in a lazy mood today... 

April 5, 2011

black beige cloudy

Primark shoes, Acne trousers, H&M shirt and leather jacket unknown (don't remember...)

Today the temperature was much kinder to my closet and I got to wear open shoes and bare midriff. I also wore my new ring from Topshop and brought my iPhone with my new Mulberry case with me. Can't wait for the temperature to rise even further so I can wear shorts, seriously sick of the long winter we have had.

On another note, I have my last exam for a while on friday, so after that maybe I will have more time for the blog. Also, I feel I should tell you that the London College of Fashion that I applied for for autumn and went to London for assessments this past month got back to me - I got in!!!!! So soon enough you will be reading all about me moving to London, I have already started organizing, planning and making "to do" lists!