March 8, 2013

My Chanels

So dead today after arriving home last night from Paris Fashion Week. So this will be a quick post. Popped out to Harvey Nichols for a quick lunch today with some friends and wore my new Chanel espadrilles. How much do I love these shoes... SO PRETTY. They may not have been to happy about the choice of day though as London generously gave us the lovely rainy weather we never get enough of.... If you know me, you can sense the sarcasm in that sentence. 

March 7, 2013

Lucas Nascimento

A designer who I really opened my eyes to whilst being here in the showroom is Lucas Nascimento... Really cool designs, cuts and playful ways of dealing with fabrics. More pictures to come in a general showroom post... Again, photo quality is mediocre due to the mediocre iPhone 4...

March 6, 2013

When in Paris....

... Shop French designer wear. Well not quite but these two pieces from Isabel Marant are definitely on my list. Been shopping a lot lately (show you when I get back to London) so I've decided on an unofficial shopping-stop for the near future... But we will see. Paris Fashion Week has been exhausting, long and busy so maybe I will treat myself... Anyway, 100% silk with little stars, around £200 each.

A day in Paris

Sorry for the bad updates, not a good start to trying again but then again maybe I didn't choose the ideal time, right before going to Paris for work for 10 days. Paris has proven to be busy with little free time. But I thought I would share what a day is like for me here, as I leave to go back to London tomorrow evening (forgive the picture quality - iPhone 4):

The walk to the showroom goes through this beautiful place, Place Des Vosges.

Pick up a freshly squeezed juice if I have time...

And eye the amazing pastries at the "Patisserie" 

At the showroom. Some really great designers show their things here, I work for Christopher Raeburn and then there is Holly Fulton, Palmer/Harding, David Koma, Michael Van Der Ham and Dominic Jones to name a few. Pictures will come at a later post.

Holly Fulton shirt. So cute.

On my way to eat something after a 10.5 hour day of work. Walk past loads of really cosy, beautiful places. We are located in Marais so it's Paris history at its best.

Find some cute shops with inspiration, such as this one with old collars.

Have dinner. I have been trying to eat as much French food as possible.

Consider some colourful Macaroons as desert...

But settle for a nutella crepe.

And head home to start it all over tomorrow again!