August 14, 2013

Sneak peak

Here is a sneak peak of a full outfit I will post tomorrow. The trousers are Isabel Marant Etoile SS13 and 100% silk - which makes me love them even more. Stars don't hurt either, for some reason I am very into stars right now...?

This photo was, as you can see, taken on the top floor of a London bus by my iPhone, hence not the best quality.

Wow, today I am exhausted. As a BA I do a lot of admin work in front of a computer and the brain just shuts off after a while. But in two weeks time I get a change of scenery - Stockholm Fashion Week!!

August 13, 2013

Balenciaga studded sandals

I was talking to my friend earlier this summer about how many shoes I have bought this spring. It's a crazy number which I am actually ashamed of sharing, but if you stay tuned to this blog I'm sure you will soon be able to do the maths yourself. 

Anyway, one of my pre-summer buys were these babes. How perfect? I have worn them so much this summer, especially because of the heat, they have literally been one of the pairs I have lived in. And they have everything, comfort, beauty, and that classic element which means I won't get bored. In other words, my Balenciagas and I are very happy together.

August 12, 2013


Silk trousers - Acne, leather top - H&M, lipstick - The Makeup Store "Dare"

Since I became a Buying Assistant I have had weekends off, not something I'm used to. Having time to do absolutely nothing confuses me, I don't know what to do... I did need it though, because at the moment I have some rather big decisions to make. I spent yesterday morning wearing more of an autumn-wardrobe, with black silk trousers and leather top, whilst considering my options for the autumn... As you can see, my dog was quite bored, haha.

August 11, 2013

Proenza Schouler - finally new in

A picture says 1000 words. This one says more. It's my new baby that I have been wanting for years... Not to mention my first, real designer handbag. Proenza Schouler PS11. I couldn't be happier.

Wanted to start off after months of absence with a strong one, I think this does the trick. You will get pretty bored of it as it will star in all my outfit pictures.... Apologies in advance.