December 30, 2011

Speaking of...

... the Acne star cap for the spring summer 2012 collection. I do not only adore the cap, or the other star-garments, I just adore the collection! And don't even get me started on the shoes. Oh I always have a weak spot for Acne. If only I could afford my desires... ;-)


This trip to South Africa I have no proper safari planned like I usually do so we spent a day doing a walking safari. Since it's by foot you don't really see any extravagant animals but we managed to see Kudus, Impalas and Zebras. If you look closely in the second picture you can see the kudu in the background... I blended in quite well with the zebras as I coincidentally wore stripes that day as well. I matched them with safari-green shorts and then I wore my Reebok easy tone trainers as we were walking for a couple of hours. Finally I protected my head with a cap but I in no way intend for it to look like I am capturing the spring-cap trend, as I am planning to purchase a leather cap for that... I would love the Acne one with the star... 

December 29, 2011

Cape Town...

Cape Town is where I will be spending the coming days and internet may not always be possible but I hope I will be able to update you guys as much as possible! This is kind of what it looked like before I left Pretoria, a kind of chaotic way of planning what to bring, seeing what has already been worn whilst still allowing the clothes to breathe ;-)

December 28, 2011

Christmas Day...

... I wore this... A long sheer top/dress/tunic thing with my white H&M CC shorts and simple shoes. We went for a lovely lunch located on a golf court so I found it appropriate to wear something decently nice but not over the top... I know I'm behind on posts - sorry, but I am trying to catch up!

December 27, 2011

Delayed new in...

Here is a new in post that was actually due when I was still back in London. I bought this H&M trend red sweater I blogged about earlier as a christmas gift to myself at the sale and quite appropriately I also wore it on christmas eve. Yes I am in South Africa and yes it's hot but I am generally cold so pairing it with short and bare legs made the temperature just right. Tomorrow I head off to Cape Town and I'm not sure how much internet I will have but don't worry, posts are on their way :-)

December 26, 2011

For all you back in London...

... The Harrods sale (in store) begins tomorrow... If you have some money to spend I would definitely be there, you will find at least one thing and you will have a memory for life... If only I had some extra money to spend... But I think the pennies I have will be invested in African bits and pieces, I hope I can find what I am looking for. Stay tuned for some photos coming up...

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2011

Next stop: South Africa

Louis Vuitton window in Australia

So today I have been packing like a maniac because now I am off to the airport to catch a flight to South Africa. Here in the UK it is decently cold, down in South Africa I am hoping it will be decently hot and I thought I would share with you what Louis Vuitton looks like in Australia while I'm at it. My friend showed me this picture and it is just so cute!!! 

December 20, 2011

Harrods windows

Harrods are cooperating with Swarovski this year to create stunning christmas window displays as always. If you want christmas Harrods is the place to go. Inside the store they also have a number of brands cooperating with Swarovski for limited edition products like Louboutin+Swarovski shoes and Fendi+Swarovski bed linen (so you could actually sleep on Swarovski crystals!!). Worth having a stroll around and look at for sure.

December 19, 2011

my favourite shoes

Today I am wearing my favourite shoes, which are these brown Acne Shanks. Although I still need to wear in them a little I just love the way they look. They are so cool and the colur is amazing. They are definitely favourites of mine and I wouldn't mind having them in black, grey or that cool whitish-fading-into-patent-black colour... Something to add to my wish list...

December 18, 2011

Richmond Park

Yesterday was a sunny day so I decided to take advantage of the weather and do some (amateur) photography whilst walking my dog, ChloĆ©. We walked in Richmond Park which actually is a game reserve - and we did spot quite a few animals. You should definitely have a walk through this park if you are around, watching the sun set over Kingston Upon Thames is beautiful. 

Can you spot the squirrel in the first picture? We also spotted the baby deer and the adults - we must have seen at least 30 deer altogether. Then we looked over Kingston from the top of the hill, where we also saw some interesting lime green birds - if you look closely in the photo of the tree branches and the sky you can see them. We played around a little and found blackberries that still aren't ripe!? So yeah - Richmond Park has lots to offer.

leather top

Polo and tshirt - H&M, trousers - Zara, shoes - Acne

The other day I wore this. I really love my leather tshirt but I find it boring to wear in the winter because I always cover it up with a big knit not to freeze... But this white polo definitely works to keep me warm as well. Temperature in London is still over 0°C so you can still wear open shoes. I matched it with my favourite burgundy trousers from Zara. Today I am going to apply for easter internships and just fix at home - and walk the dog of course... Regular sunday business, basically preparing for the week to come. In Sweden we count down the sundays before christmas, we call it advent, so happy fourth advent to you guys!

December 17, 2011

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

A not-so-fashion-oriented post, more London oriented. The other day my boyfriend and I went to the London attraction Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. It is a big christmas fair aimed at all ages with different rides, stands, games as well as an ice skating rink. We enjoyed a few games and ate a classic german sausage. It is definitely worth visiting if you are in London this time of the year, if for no other reason than for the christmas spirit. They have cute stands with christmas ornaments, loads of sweets, decorations like dream catchers and paintings and much more. Definitely a cosy way to spend a day in London.

My new job...

... is at Harrods. I will be a sales advisor at the luxury retail section - which means at the sections selling Gucci, Dior, Prada, Celine, etc. clothes. It may vary which designer I will sell for. So yeah come looking for me if you are planning to buy an YSL coat at Harrods!

December 16, 2011

Harvey Nichols display windows

I have a new job - at Knightsbridge. More about that later but I guess it can be the reason to my blog-absence. But having a job there enables me to walk by Harvey Nichols and look at their winter display. Icy cold is what best describes it, and of course - desirable. Here is a sneak peak. Pop in over the weekend for more information on my new job!!

December 7, 2011

on my christmas wish list...

... are these cool wooden heels. Remind me of some Jeffrey Campbell shoes but I don't know where these are from, picture from Frida Fahrman. So much studying these days that I've just been in comfy clothes at home - hence the lack of personal pictures... But exam is tomorrow so hopefully the days won't get dark too quickly from here on, allowing me to take a few outfit photos...

if you have some extra cash...

December 6, 2011

desktop displays

Until recently these two have been my desktop displays for my iMac and Mac Book Air - but now they have been replaced with more festive christmas pictures... Both are from Carolines Mode which gives me great inspiration :-) Been studying all day and now I am going to watch a movie and relax - reload for more studying tomorrow...

December 5, 2011


Exam coming up on thursday so I have been spending my time studying for it - a lot of fashion globalisation, branding and marketing... A while ago I wore this, a silky white shirt that I spiced up with my African bracelets. I'm heading to South Africa for christmas so I thought I would ease into it ;-)

December 1, 2011

First of December

Pic: Carolina Engman

First day of December and I am wishing for this red sweater. I really want a red sweater and this one from H&M Trend might be it. I wasn't sure about the sides being cut like they are but Carolina just makes it work - so I am determined to too...