October 4, 2013

Wanting what you can't have - AW13 Shopping List

Every season I make a mental shopping list... Sometimes I even make a list. So this season I thought I would share it with you and even be so kind as to make it a visual shopping list. Now RARELY do I end up with all the things on my list in my wardrobe, but this list is more of a guideline to choose from... Of course other things slip in as well, but the things on this list are things that have been on my mind for a month or more now, so they're not impulsive buys. Of course, as you may have predicted if you know me, the majority of the items on this list are shoes. And when I look at the collage I KNOW they look really similar to each other... But for some reason my brain has decided that they are all so different and all DESPERATELY needed in my shoe wardrobe... So no, I don't want one or the other with these, I want them all. As you can see I am aiming on flats this season, I want to be comfortable.

  1. The perfect leather jacket from Acne: Mape. I think it's around £1,000.
  2. A colourful coat. Love this pink one from By Malene Birger or this adorable blue one from Carven. They range between £400-£700 and they are both perfect colours for me. 
  3. Celine ponyhair loafers in navy and black. Been wanting these since before the summer but for some reason I always choose to buy something else...?
  4. A pair of flat, black leather boots that go above the ankle so they are autumn and winter friendly. These are Alexander Wang and are around £450.
  5. The Alexander Wang Kori boots. Been on my list for about a year now... I want the heel to be in rose gold, for some reason that colour is appealing to me most... Around £400.
  6. Acne Alma in distressed suede. Just so cool and would liven up any outfit. Around £350?
  7. Isabel Marant Nowles Snow Boots. As I am moving back to Sweden, useful isn't even the right word to describe them... I suspect I will be living in them because between the comfort, heat and right level of coolness they literally are the perfect winter boots. £400 ish.
  8. Saint Laurent suede ankle boots. How perfect? The heel is great, just high enough to be considered a proper pair of heels but not high enough for them to be uncomfortable or annoying to walk in... Unfortunately these are around £600-£700 so they may need to wait until I win some kind of lottery...
  9. The cutest Marni necklace!!!! I have been wanting a Marni necklace for years and as I am trying to figure out my autumn wardrobe I drew the conclusion a statement necklace is obligatory and this one is perfect. £230.
  10. iPhone 5S in white and gold. My iPhone 4 (!!!) is falling apart and is probably the slowest phone used on this Earth today so needless to say I am in DESPERATE need of a new one. They range from £550-£800 I think...
  11. Nike Air Max Thea... I found these way too late and they are now sold out everywhere. It is slowly killing me because I would love a pair of everyday trainers to sport up some of my outfits. But I haven't quite given up yet so they will remain on this list.
  12. Velvet trousers. Don't know why but for about a month now they have just been something of interest... Saw a pair in H&M that weren't quite right but since then it's been like a definite on this list...

Actually, two of these things have already sneaked in to my wardrobe... To be revealed later. And two more are on their way... Or three more actually. One item on this list was ordered in to a store and arrived today, the other I am actively hunting down and the third is just a matter of waiting for. Snore.

As I was writing this... Two more things were added to my mental list... Or oh well, actually, three. Sometimes I can't deal with myself. There is something about that wanting what you can't have phenomenon that just gets to me, and I KNOW I can't have all of these bits but for some reason I just refuse to accept it. Oh how frustrating. Anyway, for those interested the 4 additions to my list are:

  1. A perfect everyday gold necklace. I have my eyes on either the bone necklace or the BangBang necklace from Maria Nilsdotter. £200+.
  2. A perfect everyday gold bracelet. I have my eyes on the bone bracelet from Maria Nilsdotter...
  3. Uggs. I know they don't make a fashion statement but when I am walking my dog in the 1.5 metre snow in Sweden I am more concerned about surviving....