March 6, 2011

The wait is over

After posting the previous post I decided that it's time to stop waiting (don't even know what I was waiting for) and just do it. Just buy a proper camera. I have been wanting one for I don't even know how long but I just never got to buying it, I mean it is a pretty expensive piece of technology. But today I ordered it online, it was out of stock so it may take a week or two before I get it but at least I know it's coming. Can't wait! It is going to be so great to be able to take proper pictures, and to share them with you as well... I ordered a Nikon D3100 after a recommendation from a newfound friend I met in London, Ajda. She is a photographer herself and she said to start with this is a good camera because you can learn how to use it and the different functions quite easily.

By the way, I managed to snap a few photos with my old, bad camera of one of my new necklaces earlier, will share that with you later tonight!