March 15, 2011


Today I went for a look with a hat... It felt right and I really liked it. With my hat I wore my shoes from Acne (that need cleaning after today) and some silver bracelets and some rings. It was yet another sunny day but don't let the sun fool you because the temperature is still lingering at 0°C... So yes - I wore a jacket on top and on some of the photos you can see me wearing my Acne cardigan as well. 

Studying didn't go so well, I got maybe an hours worth of studying done... Really need to put my head into it as exams are coming up. But whilst that is going on I am applying for jobs, preparing for my visit to London in a weeks time and wanting to learn more about my cameras features and playing around with photoshop... Speaking of my camera, I have made this post expandable if you would like to see some of the photos I took on my walk with my dog in the park today. Just click below! Next up is bed for me, tomorrow I have school and yoga on the schedule!