March 6, 2011

finally feathers

A while back I posted a post about a leather necklace with feathers and a week back I found the perfect one. It was on one of the mannequins in H&M but completely sold out in the store. Lucky for me I work there and managed to eventually, when they changed clothes on the mannequins, buy the one that was on her. I am so so happy and am planning to go totally Pocahontas this summer when I match it with brown suede, torn jeans and vests... 

Pictures are taken whilst walking my dog so I go snow proof and warm with my moonboots. Otherwise I may not have matched the outfit with them... Today was a wonderful pre-spring day and you could really feel the sun melting the snow, when I took the pictures in my tshirt I wasn't even cold! Oh spring, please be on your way!!!