March 23, 2011


I have been sick since sunday so the blog has suffered, but can't stress enough that it is called no promises for a reason. Still sick but a trip to London is booked and I fly out tomorrow. I have packed my outfits and my camera. My boyfriend is meeting me there so hopefully I can provide one or two interesting London blog posts when I get back! Which, by the way, is on saturday so until then the blog will be quiet... 

My budget is sadly minimal so I am not going on any major shopping sprees but obviously I will be visiting favourite budget stores like River Island, Aldo and Topshop whilst I'm there. Speaking of Topshop, I was surfing around on their website and found all of these nice jewelry pieces. Maybe something will get to come home with me, love the silver bracelet cuff, I would buy two and wear one on each arm. Also love the bright red necklace, would match it with more colour!!

So wish me a safe flight and I will update when I'm back (and hopefully not sick any more!!!).