March 6, 2011


Yesterday I came back from London where I spent two nights, so haven't managed to blog. London was lovely, the sun was shining and there was no snow ruining my heels on the streets. Stayed at a great hotel and ate some nice food. Didn't shop anything as I had no time (or money) but I did have a look in Alexander McQueens store and a store called Dover Street Market: it had all kinds of designers from Christopher Kane to Celine to Commes des Garcons. It was huge and it was so great to see their collections live. I love Celine. So that has been my last couple of days and I will be going back at the end of the month, dragging my boyfriend with me so hopefully there will be an outfit post or two!

Today I'm inspired by this photo. First of all because I really, REALLY want and need a proper camera, definitely something I will be looking into as soon as I have a free second. Secondly because I love the two belts. The colour is perfect and the outfit as a whole just completely works for me. Maybe I will try something similar tomorrow. Should invest in two identical belts. I love when people wear double. A while back I saw a streetstlyle photo of someone wearing like three watches on one wrist, I LOVED IT. Can't find the photo now though :-( I hate when you find pictures you like but then don't save them for some unclear reason and then you can't stop thinking about it. Must invest in several watches ;-)

Today will be studying and a walk in the park, mostly. Will see if I can catch an outfit photo or two but I'm not meeting up with anyone today and the boyfriend is out so it might be difficult, but I will try. Want to show you my two new necklaces!!!