March 9, 2011

Thomas Sabo

My pictures keep presenting blue skies which means that the weather here is still nice. Today, however, strong winds joined me and my dog for our walk, which is NOT something I like. I wore carrot-shaped trousers with suspenders and a knitted oversized sweater. And my new necklace, which I have been wearing a lot lately, yet today was the first day it got caught on a picture. It is from Thomas Sabo and a valentines day gift from my boyfriend. I love long necklaces with some kind of pendant so he definitely did a good job. 

There have been loads of outfit posts lately, for no apparent reason, maybe the weather has contributed, maybe I am just in an outfitpost mood all the time, maybe it's my new thing or maybe I'm preparing for my new camera that should be arriving beginning of next week. Tomorrow I think I will be sporting a hat so I will try and get my boyfriend to catch that on a photo for you!