September 4, 2011

on my mind

Navy coat from Filippa K, long navy skirt from Acne, striped skirt from Acne and cashmere camel-coloured pullover from Filippa K

Fuzzy sweaters from Acne and Whyred (courtesy of Columbine)

1. Acne Shank boots
2. Filippa K Mohair cotton pullover
3. Topshop Anika hairy boots
4. Whyred Flora sweater
5. Acne Himalaya burgundy bag
6. Topshop fluffy stitch top
7. Topshop Kingston black contrast Eva sole brogues
8. Acne Caesar boots
9. Topshop activate platform hairy boots
10. Rodebjer Halley M clutch

Well here you have what is on my mind at the moment. Spending a slow, sunny, summer-going-into-autumn Sunday at home and checking out some clothes and accessories for the new season. Although I have diligently been updating my autumn wardrobe there are a few things left on my wish list that aren't mine yet. Most of the things are not in my possession because my wallet has prevented it from happening, but some just haven't found their way yet. 

For example the Whyred Flora sweater - completely out of stock in all of Sweden, and they will not be getting a refill. 

As for the two pairs of hairy boots from Topshop, I am debating in which pair to buy. I tend to like chunkier heels but at the same time I feel like the ones with the thin heel are nicer overall. 

Now the burgundy Himalaya bag from Acne - how amazing? I feel like burgundy is definitely THE colour this autumn, and I have been looking at Mulberrys range of burgundy bags but this one from Acne is truly amazing. Maybe it can be my christmas gift to myself? I could buy it on sale... 

On another note - don't you just love the Topshop brogues, feel like they are a bit Prada s/s 2011 inspired... Don't know if they really go with my style otherwise, but I am strangely drawn to them...

So yeah, that is what is on my mind this sunday... Last sunday in sweden for a while by the way - less than a week left 'til London!! Woohoo woohoo