September 2, 2011


Here is a blurry picture of something I wore a while ago when being out with my boyfriend. I chose my orange COS shirt with silver Thomas Sabo necklace and silver cK watch. Added neutral grey trousers, black leather COS bag, black Acne shoes and a hat. I like color on color but sometimes I also like to dress down a bright color with neutrals so I get that pop-effect. 

The blur is because it was taken a rainy day with my iPhone. I can also warn you that for the coming week most posts will be with pictures taken with my iPhone as I can't connect my camera to my macbook a.t.m. (cables and memory card readers were sent with the movers). But in a weeks time (more or less) I shall find myself in London (FINALLY) and outfits will be taken with my Nikon camera again!