September 21, 2011

Kingston Upon Thames

Me outside our house

A cute tapas restaurant just down the road 

The beginning of the main road in Kingston Upon Thames

I managed to knock over all the phonebooths ;-)
I'm wearing orange fuzzy sweater and leather shorts from H&M

Memorial square, Accessorize, beautiful building and church

Café square and beautiful building with next and starbucks coffee in it...

We stopped for an iced tea...

... which was delicious.

More alice in wonderland-looking details

My boyfriend and I

This is what my day looked like. We walked into central Kingston and strolled around, bought a few things, ran errands and stopped for a coffee (or ice tea in my case). It's still quite warm here in London so I can work bare legs with a warm sweater. Maybe not the prettiest or most tanned legs in the world but ah well. Can you believe what the buildings look like in this little town? They are so cute! And the stores are actually inside them! I love it.