May 14, 2011


Shoes - Topshop, clutch - Zara, glasses - RayBan

I know the updates haven't been many but that is because I have been spending all my time studying for the exam I had yesterday, which, if you are interested, I do think I passed. Let's not jinx anything though because truth be told I am not sure at all. Hard as hell that exam is... 

Anyway. This is a preview of what accessories I was sporting the other day. I will be sure to post the outfit tomorrow, so pop in again then. Hopefully with the weather getting better and the exams getting fewer I will have more and more outfits to share with you guys. Lately I have done a bit of shopping as well so an introduction to my new wardrobe pieces is also due. 

Now I am going to prepare a quick dinner and watch Rachel Zoe project - "I die".