May 15, 2011


Blazer from H&M, old shorts, accessories - see previous post

A few days ago the sun was shining and the temperature was practically too hot to wear the jacket I am wearing in these pictures. Right now it's freezing outside. But anyway. A few days ago I was wearing this, which includes a new clutch from Zara, new blazer from H&M and my favourite shoes from Topshop. 

And on top of that my legs are matching my white top colourwise. OK well not really but almost. Give it time though. Although I must admit with my super swedish blood, blonde hair and blue eyes the genetics-gods have not blessed me with the fortune to get very tanned, but I like to think I at least get a little colour ;-) 

Now I am going to watch morning glory with my boyfriend - it's a great movie (I have already seen it), you should watch it!