April 5, 2011

black beige cloudy

Primark shoes, Acne trousers, H&M shirt and leather jacket unknown (don't remember...)

Today the temperature was much kinder to my closet and I got to wear open shoes and bare midriff. I also wore my new ring from Topshop and brought my iPhone with my new Mulberry case with me. Can't wait for the temperature to rise even further so I can wear shorts, seriously sick of the long winter we have had.

On another note, I have my last exam for a while on friday, so after that maybe I will have more time for the blog. Also, I feel I should tell you that the London College of Fashion that I applied for for autumn and went to London for assessments this past month got back to me - I got in!!!!! So soon enough you will be reading all about me moving to London, I have already started organizing, planning and making "to do" lists!