April 9, 2011

must. go. shopping.

Clothes and accessories from Zara, Topshop, Acne and H&M

I am usually quite good at holding on to my money since I am a poor student and don't really have enough money to go on major shopping sprees but the last week or so I have seriously been having trouble. There is just so much I want mixed with the stores being stocked with so much nice stuff that I'm almost bursting. I have been imaginary shopping on the internet, surfing the different sites and saving everything I would like on my computer, and yesterday I made this collage with random cravings. And although I have been good at holding onto my money, today I think I might have a relapse and go out and spend money I don't have on a few new things for my wardrobe. Red warning-light blinking...

My favourites in this collage are the colourful trousers and shorts, the Celine look-alike shoes, and the shorts with the fringes. But I also love all the Acne shoes. And I really need an everyday blouse/shirt that goes with everything. And some new tops. And a pair of black trousers. And I would really like a pair of white trousers, I would match them with white. And I definitely need some new belts. And I love the flower pattern on the shorts and trousers. And I need a black sleeveless top. OK basically I am bursting with shopping desire... Haha.