January 2, 2012

A new year

I will start the new year by publishing these photos from a few days ago - one of the last outfits I wore... Taken at my house in Pretoria before we headed off to Cape Town. I'm wearing a H&M pearl collar which I love but don't wear too often so I don't kill the charm of it. 

I will summarise 2011 in one event - getting into the integrated masters course International Fashion Management at London College of Fashion and moving to London. That was definitely the happening of the year for me and also my biggest accomplishment and my strongest memory (amongst many other lovely memories). 

For 2012 I have many resolutions or goals if you will and I am one of those people that really try to keep my resolutions and reach my goals - so in other words quite goal oriented. One goal is definitely to work harder on this blog both quality and content wise and I am hoping that will show soon enough. I am still in South Africa and Cape Town and internet access is a bit tricky so if updates aren't regular until I am back in London then you know why.

Lastly I would like to wish all my old - and new - readers a happy 2012!