January 11, 2012


Here's a snapshot of a part of my mood board... The pictures are just sort of thrown together with no apparent theme or idea mixing bohemian with grunge and trendy and classic and runway... So it may be a bit messy and there may be no real focus but I think that is my style in a way... One day I will dress really casual with big knits and the next day I will wear a white polo with a dress. One day I will wear rings, bracelets and necklaces and the next day I won't wear any jewellery at all... 

So the messy ness in this mood board really does reflect my schizophrenic style - which in 2012 I want to clean up. I want to find my style and stick to it, not jump around between different ones. I do think that its really cool to do that - but for now my economy just can't support it and with me doing so I have pieces in my closet that only match with one thing because of the difference in styles... Wow this is a confusing post but I hope you see where I'm going ;-)