June 16, 2011

London here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 London in a nutshell

My school

LCF graduates

LCF graduation

The house our apartment is in :-D

School is settled and now one more piece of the puzzle has fallen into place - our housing situation. We have found a property perfect for us in size, price, a private garden for the dog and close to public transport and parks. The picture above is of the outside, it is a victorian building and we will be on the bottom floor. We are at the moment in the midst of signing papers and transferring money. This was the part of the moving I was most worried about and unless something completely unexpected is to happen it is settled. Next step will be finding a movers company, setting a moving date and finding a way to get to London with my baby dog who apparently is too big to fly. But like I said, that is the next step. Just thought I would update you on my situation. London here I come!!!!!!!!!!!