August 8, 2011

25th of august on the 3rd

I'm back! And I have lots to share as well... Starting with this outfit which I wore on the 3rd of august when I celebrated my birthday at a nice restaurant with my family. Since they live in South Africa they will not be around on the 25th of august, when my actual birthday takes place, so we had a little dinner on the 3rd. 

I wore what I had been wearing the whole day which includes these "Rider" shoes from Acne that are so comfortable you want to sleep in them. I love how the back part is way lighter than the front. I also wore my atm favourite necklace - a dreamcatcher from H&M. 

The pictures were a bit stressed but the view behind is the view from the restaurant StallmÀstaregÄrden in Stockholm and the three course dinner was delicious. Pop in soon and I shall introduce you to my new best friend and early birthday present - I'm in love...!