January 10, 2011

New year

2011... Since I last wrote on the blog I have been to London, done christmas shopping, celebrated christmas and welcomed the new year. As the blog title reads this blog makes no promises, I mainly write it as an inspiration to myself and to keep my inspiration going. This does not mean, however, that I don't enjoy my readers and of course I wish to convey inspiration to you too.

For christmas I got a fashion calendar, which every day reads a fashion fact, quote or memory. I thought I could share these with you since it is always fun to learn. I used to study fashion studies and whilst studying that I learnt that learning about fashion is just as fun as wearing it so I hope you will enjoy my posts that come from my calendar :-) 

First up, did you know that during the second world war women used eyebrow pencils to dram seam-lines up the back of their legs to create an illusion of stockings? They also used teabags to darken their legs to make it look more like they were wearing stockings. Nylon during World War II was used to create parachutes so only the wealthiest women could afford real stockings.