November 18, 2010


my name is martina and this is my blog. it is a blog aiming to inspire me and others. and i will do my best to update it with pictures describing my days and images illustrating my thoughts.

a fashion blog it will be as that is what my mind and life mainly revolves around. as for my style i am still in search for what is truly me. i know i like a bit of a masculine touch. i know i like accessories. i know i like bohemian looks. i know i like minimalism. hence i do not have one style i stick to. but i am searching for it. exploring clothes and exploring fashion.

my days are busy. i intern at a fashion pr firm which represents several big labels. i work at the showroom with the clothes. and i work at events with the labels. when i can i also grab a shift at h&m to earn some extra money.

my free time i like to spend exploring my city. restaurants, stores, cafes, museums, attractions, parks, alleys, bars, shops. you name it. i enjoy visiting a food market as much as i enjoy visiting the acne store or walking my dog in the park. i want every day to be an experience and a memory worth remembering.