November 21, 2010


Right now all I have on my mind is shoes. All kinds of shoes. So expect several entries about all kinds of shoes up ahead. Feels like I have no shoes good for facing the winter which is not good. I want a pair of simple everyday shoes, some kind of lace up boots that really could be worn with everything. I'm inspired by Taylor Momsen and Rachel Bilson. Seriously the perfect way to dress down something that otherwise could be considered half-fancy. My favourites are the ones from Rokin. Quite simple... Or maybe I should just get the classical Dr Martens...?

I spent the weekend mostly at home because my boyfriend needed care-taking as he had severe chest pains. I'm going to have to have an active week then, to make up for the very slow weekend. Harry Potter and gym are definately on the schedule. We shall see what else pops up. But definately some shopping and loads of outfits are coming up on the blog...