February 15, 2011


Most of my days simply consist of lying by the pool enjoying the heat and sun so I don't have too much to show you. But this weekend was spent in Durban and the two first photos are of the view from our hotel room, amazing eh?

Also thought I would mention that as I am gradually developing a tan (not too visible yet though, I'm afraid) my hair is also getting blonder. That is what I love about the summer, my hair actually has a decent colour. In the winter I feel like the hair is gloomier than the weather so I much enjoy when it takes a turn into a lighter shade.

I have painted my nails turquoise, a colour I sported most of last summer. I am beginning to think I'm sick of it though, and I am presently looking for a pastel yellow, I think it might go well with a tan. I will update soon again, an outfit post, although I don't know how inspiring it might be ;-)